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A Little More About Us

We strive to set vendor standards for “Best Practices” within the mass tort legal community based on ethical ideals and practices that will elevate the quality of client services, distinguish members to existing and potential clients, and earn the trust of trial lawyers.
Our vision is to create a collaborative network of the industry’s leading and most knowledgeable vendors in the mass tort field while promoting trusted and tested ethical best practices for the purpose of defining and recognizing “Best in Class” vendors for trial lawyers.


Randy Nordstrom - MTVA President Headshot
Ryan Weiner
Read About Ryan Weiner

Ryan Weiner, Esq. is a Partner at MASSIVE: Medical and Subrogation Specialists and runs the Lien Resolution and Medicare Compliance Programs. Ryan leverages his expertise to plan mass tort projects and organize MASSIVE’s proprietary workflows to help law firms disburse to their clients faster.

Randy Nordstrom - MTVA President Headshot
Trevor Goins
Read About Trevor Goins

Trevor Goins is an experienced legal association executive, specializing in business development, client relationship management, and strategic revenue planning and execution. In addition to his Executive Director role within the MTVA, Trevor serves as the National Business Development Manager for Legal Associations Management.

Randy Nordstrom - MTVA President Headshot
Farrin Holland
Read About Farrin Holland

Farrin Holland has worked in the legal industry since 2007 when she started her career as a paralegal. She now serves as the Membership Director for the MTVA since the start up of the organization in 2018. In addition, she serves as the Executive Director for the National ABS Law Firm Association. She has been with Legal Associations Management and The National Trial Lawyers since 2017.

Randy Nordstrom - MTVA President Headshot
Randy Nordstrom
Read About Randy Nordstrom

Randy Nordstrom is a legal strategist, technologist, branding expert, and content creator. He is best known for founding Focus DMG, a legal marketing and management consulting company and advertising agency. While attending Film School at UCLA, he developed a passion for creating compelling narratives. Randy believes the right messaging creates zealous advocacy, and uses that principal to build brand success. He leverages his cinematic storytelling experience to dramatically improve the efficacy of traditional legal communications which helps firms garner tremendous visibility and increased market share. Over the past 15 years, Randy has developed a client list that includes some of the largest law firms in the industry and has innovated technology that is driving some of the largest companies in the legal space. Randy leverages years of experience working directly with law firms to uncover gaps in performance and productivity and builds custom programs that offer specific solutions to help firms become more profitable. His primary focus is to utilize data and technology to help firms grow their practice by increasing their process efficacy and fluidity. He applies his expertise to guide firms through the complicated landscapes of acquisition, medical review and verification, and subrogation. He also has a team of experts who leverage their resources to help lawyers engage with media, marketing, and publicity related opportunities while helping identify each firm’s most profitable avenues of pursuit. Randy has lectured at various universities and appears frequently as a speaker at legal seminars. Randy is considered an expert in single event and mass tort case acquisition and has been recognized with countless awards and certifications. He has helped innovate technology and developed systems that extensively research and analyze accident, injury, and pharmaceutical data to create solutions specifically crafted to maximize a firm’s market share and profitability. Randy is a founding member of the Mass Tort Vendor Association and the Mass Tort Alliance. He is an active member of the Director’s Guild of America and the Writer’s Guild of America, and a Partner in the National Injury Law Center. Randy lives in Virginia Beach with his partner of twenty years, Jennifer, and their three children, Graydon, River, and Waverly. 

Jeff Huff - MTVA Founding President Headshot

Jeff Huff

Founding President
Over the past 18 years Jeff Huff founded four separate finance companies, pioneered & assisted in the development of the U.S. Legal Funding industry by creating a sophisticated, proprietary underwriting methodology for law firms & plaintiffs. He currently leads an experienced team of executives, underwriters, analysts, lawyers & an administrative staff located in New York, Arizona, Florida & California. Beginning in 2010, Jeff began scaling his law firm funding model nationally by servicing the leading Mass Tort firms & providing capital to those firms for operations & portfolio expansion. In 2013 & after his company worked with approximately four hundred mass tort lawyers, his company American Legal Funding, LLC was named one of the “Top Pick” U.S. law firm funding companies in the MDL- Mass Tort litigation niche. That lead to the expansion & creation of American Legal Financial Services, LLC, American Law Firm Funding, LLC & American Law Firm Capital, LLC. Jeff has been an entrepreneur since 1978, sold two prior companies one of which was scaled to the largest in the United States in its niche with International sales & distribution. Jeff has served on numerous public & private boards, as well as been active in several charities.

Advisory Working Committee

The Advisory Working Committee (AWC) is a group of leaders in the Mass Torts Arena, are member vendors or elite attorneys. The AWC members are volunteers and help lead, guide and direct the organization.
Jeff Huff
Adam Warren
The Sentinel Group
Todd Franklin
Jose Torres
Strategic Litigation Partners
Sharon Boothe
Cason Carter
Broughton Partners
Josh Habegger
National Record Retrieval
Howard Nations
Channa Lloyd
Keith Givens

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