We strive to set vendor standards for “Best Practices” within the mass tort legal community based on ethical ideals and practices that will elevate the quality of client services, distinguish members to existing and potential clients, and earn the trust of trial lawyers.


Our vision is to create a collaborative network of the industry’s leading and most knowledgeable vendors in the mass tort field while promoting trusted and tested ethical best practices for the purpose of defining and recognizing “Best in Class” vendors for trial lawyers.


Randy Nordstrom


Randy Nordstrom is a legal marketing and management consultant, technologist, branding expert, and content creator. Randy has developed a client list that includes some of the largest law firms in the industry. Randy leverages innovative technology along with years of experience working directly with law firms to help them grow and become a lot more profitable. 

Trevor Goins

Executive Director

Trevor Goins is an accomplished association executive, coming to MTVA from Legal Associations Management, where he serves as Business Development Manager.

Farrin Holland

Membership Director

Farrin has worked in the legal industry for 13 years and serves as the Executive Paralegal to the CEO, Chase Givens, of Legal Associations Management. She has been with MTVA since 2018 and is now the Membership Director.

President's Message

Founding President

Jeff Huff

As President and Founder of American Law Firm Capital, Jeff Huff has created, continued to modify and enhance with his team… the IP and Methodology used today for Underwriting, Funding & Servicing of Law Firms.

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Advisory Working Committee

Jeff Huff (ALF) Adam Warren (The Sentinel Group) Randy Nordstrom (Focus DMG)
Todd Franklin (MASSIVE) Richard Kellner (Jacoby & Meyers) Jose Torres (Strategic Litigation Partners)
Keith Givens Sharon Boothe (MTMP) Gary Falkowitz (I.C.E.)
Tighe Wilhelmy (Velawcity) Damon Barr (Broughton Partners) Josh Habegger (National Record Retrieval)
Howard Nations Channa Lloyd
The Advisory Working Committee (AWC) is a group of leaders in the Mass Torts Arena, are member vendors or elite attorneys. The AWC members are volunteers and help lead, guide and direct the organization.