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Saving time and resources is more important than ever before. Case Works partners with mass tort law firms around the country to deliver case development services that are affordable and effective. As an extension of your firm, Case Works provides timely reports and updates to ensure transparency throughout the process while also pledging white-glove treatment to your clients. Our Case Ready™ comprehensive system is designed to efficiently move your mass tort cases from signed retainer to fully proved up and filed with the MDL. Some of the principles that guide our process are as follows:

  • Efficient Movement of Cases: Our case development process is streamlined, refined and designed to keep cases moving forward.  Our Case Management Team does a great job of building rapport with your firm’s clients, keeping them engaged and informed throughout the litigation and settlement stages.


  • Jumpstarting Held Cases: Our team is relentless about keeping cases from getting held-up throughout the development process.  Held cases equate to lost revenue for the law firm and Case Works does everything we can to keep that from happening.


  • Ownership Mentality: Other vendors send “problem cases” back to the law firm for their staff to handle.  We don’t do that.  We own the problem and find a solution so your in-house staff can focus on their top priorities.


  • Premium Customer Service: Top level customer service is deeply engrained in our culture.  It’s our single most important competitive advantage. We obsess about customer service. Case Works has invested in technology that allows for quick response times and we actively contact clients so that they remain engaged and informed throughout the entire litigation process.


  • Complete Transparency: Our team provides a weekly and monthly report so that firms always have transparency into their cases and how their docket is progressing.


As the CEO of Case Works, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside firms nationally and watch my team prove-up 50k+ cases. It’s no small task to get cases across the finish line and we continue to see our numbers rise. What’s the key to our success? The ability to partner with firms and create a relationship that allows us to become an extension of your team.

Often times, I’ve seen that firms don’t have the appropriate infrastructure to successfully handle the volume of cases or the bandwidth to provide the adequate management of the case development process and really struggle to keep their clients well informed and updated. This is exactly why Case Works was created and what we excel at. We efficiently work up cases, provide in depth reports that allow firms to understand how their docket is moving and the metrics that drive operational decisions.

I encourage firms to lean on us and consider us a partner rather than a “vendor.” At Case Works, we strive to be seen as a team. When you win, we win.

In addition to our ability to integrate into your processes, Case Works prioritizes program success. As you know, success in the mass tort industry is all about scale and case volume.  We help clients achieve scale without hiring, training and managing large teams of additional staff.  Your firm can stay lean and focused on serving the needs of your clients, not the administrative side of managing cases.

If your firm could benefit from partnering with Case Works, I would be thrilled to connect and share how we can support your firm’s case development process.


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