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Crisp is the #1 law firm growth company in America, and they’re on a mission to help over 1,000 law firm owners grow their revenue by $1 million ($1 billion impact) in the next five years.

After helping clients generate over $250,000,000 in revenue, the team at Crisp has seen the inner workings of

hundreds of firms large and small — and the consistent, repeatable factors that set their game changing successes apart.

Crisp’s approach is to take everything they’ve learned generating massive growth in their own organization and help the country’s most ambitious law firm owners do the same for theirs. They do this by equipping them with world-class brand videos, relentless digital marketing, and the top leadership & management coaching and workshop programs in the legal industry with proven strategies to empower & align their teams.

Crisp is known as an innovative trailblazer in the legal industry. They have published the #1 best-selling book in Amazon’s legal category The Game Changing Attorney, host The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, and put on the largest law firm growth conference on earth each year. The Crisp Game Changers Summit is where law firm owners go to learn all the latest in legal marketing, law firm leadership & management, and accelerated business growth.

Law firms that work with Crisp see an average return on investment of 300% and a 2-10X increase in average case value. Discover how to give your law firm a competitive advantage today at