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ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing is a premier mass tort case acquisition agency serving the legal industry since 1994.

Are cases you are currently obtaining low quality?  We can change all that.

We consistently deliver high-quality, mass tort cases to attorneys nationwide utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Our model is designed to make your life easier, more productive and more profitable.

If your law firm handles mass tort or class action lawsuits, we can provide highly qualified clients for your firm.

We offer Zero Risk Cases. If the case we sign for you does not meet your criteria, we replace it, no questions asked. And we include our ZERO RISK Replacement Policy at no additional cost!

Most companies only allow returns within 3-7 days. We standby the quality of our signed cases.  We created a Zero Risk Replacement Policy Program. If the medical records come back and do not support your client’s claims on our intake, we will replace it, no charge.

We are at the forefront of client acquisition for law firms.

We use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Intuitive Ad Display and Geo Conquesting as part of our lead generation processes, resulting in higher quality cases with a greater payout potential.

We have recently implemented a new state-of-the-art technology, Dynamic Re-engagement, which boasts an increase in conversion by 15%-30%.

We are a leader in the Human Trafficking Project. We Are Fighting to End Human Trafficking. We utilize sociologists and psychologists as part of our intake team. This assures a professional behaviorist is speaking with the victim and eases their apprehension about their potential case.

Our new intake center, open 24/7 with 80 plus intake specialists is based in Houston, Texas.

If your law firm handles mass tort or class action lawsuits, we can provide highly qualified clients for your firm.

Why pay for bad leads, bad calls, or wrong numbers when you can have signed cases, ready and waiting for you to settle the case.

How many leads do you need to chase before one actually becomes a valid, valuable client?

Do the math on the cost of all the wasted leads and signed cases you purchased from other vendors and you will soon agree that our procedures bring the greatest value to your law firm.

We do all the heavy lifting for your firm.

You receive a highly qualified client.

There is no risk to your law firm.

Stop chasing down dead internet leads.

Call us today and get your Zero Risk Mass Tort Case Campaign started.

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