Requirements and Standards

  • Member’s primary business must be in the Mass Torts and/or Trial Lawyer field
  • Business has been operating for at least two years in this field
  • Members (company owners) cannot be convicted felons
  • Members are required to fully disclose pricing and “terms and conditions” in writing to their clients
  • Members are required to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations
  • Members are required to adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior
  • Members are expected to comply with future best practices and standards as they are developed and defined
  • Members agree to resolve all complaints within 90 days and maintain excellent customer service relationships with their customers
  • Members agree to not falsely advertise and not publish any misleading information
  • Members agree to inform the MTVA about any pending, threatened or anticipated litigation that may have an impact on the mass tort legal community
  • Members will promote the MTVA and related certification value
  • Members in violation of MTVA standards, best practices, or bylaws may be subject to expulsion
  • Members are required to develop and maintain data security processes to ensure confidentiality and protect against mishandling or fraud.

Membership Value

  • Company listing in the MTVA Membership Directory
  • Use of digital badge for their marketing purposes
  • Badges at events designating their membership (Lapel Pin included with membership)
  • Membership dues include attendance at 3 meetings a year
  • Company recognized as being a member of the MTVA
  • Only networking organization comprised of mass torts focused companies
  • Discounts for The Trial Lawyer Magazine advertising ($250 for one full page ad per year)
  • Discounts for the Trial Lawyers Summit sponsorships or exhibits ($250 discount)
  • Discounts for Legal Associations Management digital advertising opportunity ($250 discount for a 6 month package)
  • Discounts for the Lanier Trial Academy sponsorships or exhibits ($250 discount)
  • Discounts for Mass Torts Made Perfect sponsorships or exhibits ($150 per meeting reimbursement for registration)
  • Discounts for the NTL Top 40 Under 40 Boot Camp sponsor partnerships ($250 discount for partnership opportunity)
  • Opportunity to contribute content to the monthly MTVA Spotlight newsletter. This publication is sent to the National Trial Lawyers Membership (over 10,000 contacts).
Annual Membership Fee: $2,500 (One Installment)