Law Tigers

Who We Are


The Law Tigers is an industry-leading niche marketing organization that delivers a high percentage of motorcycle accident injury cases to our exclusive member firms within a designated territory. This program is a plug-in business proposition optimizing every element of a marketing plan including highly produced television commercials, highly visible billboards, cutting edge-digital marketing initiatives, and a grass-roots strategy carried out by a dedicated marketing manager through community outreach.  Our program allow attorneys to focus all of their energy on practicing law while our team continually targets the local motorcycle riding community resulting in their firm receiving a large number of high-value motorcycle cases.


Our go to market strategy:


It begins with grassroots marketing utilizing a marketing manager, who is a member of the riding community. Your manager, whom we hire, train, and manage, attends local events, fundraisers, and shops among the target population. The manager will establish personal relationships with motorcycle shops, dealerships, military bases, schools, event promoters, clubs, organizations, and tow companies so that your firm becomes a trusted partner in the community.

Next, we pursue a high-visibility campaign, promoting the Law Tigers brand with well-produced TV and radio commercials, iconic billboard advertising, targeted print marketing, continuous mobile advertising, and even our loveable corporate mascot, “Tank”. 

Finally, we engage riders with digital marketing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus, and Pinterest.  In addition, we run contests and other email generating programs to build up and market to our ever growing rider database. This allows us to stay top of mind with riders throughout the country and ensures that we’ll be the first one they call when they are injured. These initiatives are supported with the Law Tigers website, including strategic investments in SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click advertising).

 It’s extremely difficult to generate these cases unless you have years of experience like we do reaching motorcycle riders. We’ve figured out how to get motorcycle enthusiasts and their loved ones to utilize our members for legal services when they or someone they know has been injured, and we have also trained motorcycle shop staff and other industry partners to refer their customers to our member attorneys.

 For any law firm, identifying and looking to dominate within a specific legal niche, Law Tigers can provide an unbelievable boost to your business.  Positioning your firm as legal experts in the motorcycle community will allow you to build a scalable and extremely profitable business model that you can depend on for years to come!  

 You deserve to have these kinds of results when you start your own Law Tigers niche practice in your state. Find out how many high-value motorcycle cases we can deliver to you by applying to become a Law Tigers attorney today at .