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A note from the CEO of I.C.E.

April 9, 2020

Questionable Times Call For Quality Intake

As I write this article, the world is in a panic, with no light (being discussed) at the end of the tunnel. My optimism has convinced me that we will get through this – just not as quickly as we’d  like. However, without ignoring how much will change, I think it’s important that we all remind ourselves how much will not change.

  • Mistakes will still be made
    • Have you heard about the Zantac recall? My call center has been all over this! Contact me for more info.
  • Injuries will still be a result of those mistakes.
  • Those who are/were injured will still need representation.
  • Attorneys (who realize the above) that invest in marketing their services will continue to be part of thrive.

These are facts. And by disregarding the above, you are putting your business in a position of significant risk of loss.

Times like these remind us the essential role that efficiency and accountability play in our lives. What I’m most proud of, professionally, over the last 5-7 years is how many law firms are beginning to prioritize the intake responsibility. From creating an internal intake team, relying less on in-person sign-ups, using software that focuses on lead follow-up, and asking the right questions of legal marketers, law firms are finally getting it. Given the level of competition that exists (with or without a pandemic), it is imperative that we continue to raise the standard at intake which will, as a result, raise our return on investment.

As the CEO of Intake Conversion Experts (ICE), I’ve had the honor of watching my company handle the intake for more than 300 law firms nationwide, which has resulted in more than 60,000 signed retainers. There is no secret sauce here. Our ability to accomplish the below at an extraordinary rate is what separates ICE from its competitors and our law firm clients from theirs. Whether you outsource your Intake or you handle it yourself, the winning recipe will continue to be:

  • Responding quickly
  • Following up frequently
  • Retaining qualified claimants on the first call
  • Creating a trusting relationship with the claimant
  • Using the appropriate criteria
  • Reassuring claimants that they did the right thing by calling
  • In-depth training
  • Holding the intake team accountable
  • … and everything in between

While the state of affairs is in a state of ambiguity, I implore you to understand that this makes intake that much more crucial to your business. Personal injury and mass tort marketing campaigns require a certain level of resources that many law firms may now be struggling with. This is not an improvised responsibility. It requires attention to detail and superior management. But don’t take this as a scare tactic. This article is meant to motivate you.

Many more people are glued to their electronics than ever before.

Marketing messages are being viewed by more viable claimants than ever before.

And personal injury law firms are considering additional methods of marketing more than ever before.

While the world may be in a place of panic, your law firm – and its ability to maximize results at intake – should be in a place of power.

Good luck and stay safe.

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