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A note from the CEO of Massive

April 9, 2020

In extraordinary and uncertain times, we all do more to maintain our roles as advocates of the law. That role continues beyond our daily work, and, by using technology, effective processes, and the right amount of empathy we can stand up for those who need it. At MASSIVE, we are here for lien resolution, cost projections, and Medicare Set-Asides. But, we also are making ourselves available to offer advice on technology, process, and the incredible importance of effective subrogation.

MASSIVE began an intermittent Work from Home program in January 2019, partially to combat Michigan’s winter and by a desire to test changes in productivity levels. Unknowingly, this shift would allow for a smooth transition to a full-scale Work from Home policy on March 12, 2020 – days before our state ordered us to do so. We embraced technology and the use of workflow management from the beginning to allow us to survive and thrive when we needed it most. If you have questions about implementing your own processes and timing structure or you are looking for a full back office solution, we can help. All of our services can help save valuable time and remove risk. How?

MASSIVE is the nation’s leading independent provider of single event and mass tort medical and subrogation services.  Our expert team of attorneys, nurses, and analysts obtain and negotiate liens for Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, ERISA, Military, and any insurance providers to ensure successful client settlement outcomes.  We act as an extension of a law firm’s infrastructure with proprietary technology, secure communication, and complete transparency.  Our proven process not only ensures increased net recovery for law firms’ clients, but also provides protection of their attorney fee as well, through our Fee Protector (add tm insignia) service.

Since 2013, we have reduced liens by more than $175,000,000 in all 50 states using our proprietary software, “CTS.” We have saved law firms hundreds of thousands of hours while reducing these liens. In an era where medical records and bills are harder to come by, perhaps a lien can take the place of those bills.

All law firms are provided with 24/7 access to our Live Data Portal keeping firms fully informed with broad updates by lien. Having customized our program for complete transparency and real-time tracking of client files, we help increase the law firms’ bottom line with less time being spent doing the work.  In fact, in 2019, 95% of our cases were closed within 23 days after settlement notification allowing for accelerated disbursement.  MASSIVE: Medical and Subrogation Specialists has resolved tens of thousands of mass tort cases and was recently named the exclusive Lien Resolution Administrator for the Just for Men Hair Dye Multi-District Litigation Case Number 3:16-CV-00638-SMY April 16th, 2019.

Our technology-driven process includes initiating early contact with all known lien holders, such as Medicare, Medicaid, commercial health plans, FEHBA, TriCare, ERISA, Medicare Part C, and any other health insurer.  We use a two-step review for all lien and subrogation claims, first through our proprietary OCR program and then by an attorney, reviewing for both medical and legal support. Next, we dispute and negotiate all lien and subrogation claims with those agencies and organizations to reduce their claims and eliminate unrelated charges to provide the plaintiffs with a greater recovery.

MASSIVE is committed to improving how law firms handle subrogation using cutting edge technology, and by offering advocacy that’s long been missing. The bottom line is we give valuable time back to law firms, remove risk, increase cash flow and the bottom line all while increasing the plaintiff net recovery. Let us give you a little more certainty as we work together to advocate for those who need it most.

Todd Franklin 

Chief Executive Officer   

Ryan Weiner

Chief Operating Officer

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