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A note from the CEO of The Sentinel Group

April 9, 2020

Times are challenging. We’re all experiencing this unique moment in history in a variety of ways but as an industry, we are still persevering. If we are to look anywhere for how brands should be responding in the here and now, we can look at 9/11 as a benchmark to what marketers did, especially in those early moments following the tragedies of that day. 

Much as they are now, brands sought to redefine themselves and demonstrate an awareness and sensitivity to their marketing. While some brands did pull off the air for the first week following 9/11, most were back within 7-10 days having tailored their messages to acknowledge in some way what was happening around them.  Today’s brands have done incredibly well to adjust on the fly in rapid fashion, even when live action production was not possible. Many used pre-existing footage with sharp editing and jumped right back on air with relevant messaging almost instantly. 

Now is not the time to recoil and just go into a marketing bunker while awaiting COVID-19 to pass.  This is the time when you continue to be available and present while defining your brand for a new age. Now is the time to create multi-faceted media plans in an effort to engage every person where they might be. As a function of the quarantine, media consumption across all platforms is up.  Show your marketing in a way that illustrates functionality even while your own business is working remote. Ensure people that their claims will be handled and the legal system will find a way to function.  With the advent of Zoom Video and other great digital communication tools, the world is finding ways to keep moving. While different rules tend to apply for mass tort vs. single event, the most important place to focus your brand defining marketing is in your own backyard. Single event in your local market will demand that you get in the trenches with the people while showing them your command of the moment. 

Many of our partners have adjusted their messaging to highlight how functional they have remained.  I have seen several marketing efforts that highlight pictures or video of their staff working from home while highlighting how their service remains unaffected. Use TV, radio, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, print, out-of-home, Google Ad Words (and soon) to re-enforce your message. Use it all if you can and use it wisely. Map out how your office is managing intake now and how you can reassure your claimants and plaintiffs that their cases will be handled with the utmost care.  How you define your brand in crisis will define your brand beyond the crisis. This is your time to create memorable marketing that lives beyond this moment. 

I hope you enjoy our brief sizzle reel and overviews of what we can do for you. 

Stay Healthy! ….. AW 


Multi-Media Diversity With Robust Experience

The Sentinel Group® is the Legal Marketing division of full-service advertising agency, OpenJar Concepts, Inc.®. TSG has become one of the most widely recognized and successful brands and resources in various types of case acquisition nationwide. The OJC/TSG team has decades of combined experience in Single Event and Mass Tort with a Multi-Media approach using platforms such as TV, RADIO, PRINT, DIGITAL and OUT-OF-HOME.  The senior management team includes legal counsel licensed in multiple U.S. jurisdictions along with the company founders, who have deep rooted experience covering all sides of the marketing equation in legal advertising, dating back to 2001.  While we maintain a robust national advertising portfolio, we have sharp focus and experience with local market advertising. Our local approach has evolved into a dedicated niche over the years, leading our media buying team to tackle some of the most challenging cases to market to date.

Single Event Campaign Focus For Local Markets: 

Local market campaigns tap into the strong suit of our creative, planning and buying coordinators. The team has had great success in case types such as Birth Injury, Medical Malpractice, Catastrophic Injury, Nursing Home Abuse, Bad Faith Insurance Claims, Tobacco Cancer and others.

Mass Torts Experience For Over a Decade:

TSG has generated hundreds of thousands of leads for most if not all of the Mass Tort cases to hit since the days of Fen-Phen including but not limited to: Catastrophic Injury, Nursing Home Abuse, MedMal, Auto Accident, Various Single Event, Steven Johnson’s Syndrome (SJS), Mesothelioma, Vioxx, Avandia, Accutane, Actos, Topamax, Fentanyl Pain Patch, Trasylol, Zoloft, Yaz, Paxil, Depakote, Lipitor, Benicar, GranuFlo, Pradaxa, Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements, DaVinci Surgical Robot, Bair Hugger, IVC Filters, Pelvic Mesh, Xarelto, Essure, Taxotere, Talcum Powder, 3M, Hernia Mesh Revision, Truvada, Valsartan, Zantac and more.

Production Know-How
Our agency has maintained in-house production and editing support for over 10 years. Over that time, we have innovated and updated the way thousands of spots look and how they should appeal to the victims of the various cases that we have represented. The TSG brand has been airing nationwide, fifty-two weeks a year for over a decade and the results prove the effectiveness of our creative both from a generic and branded perspective. Taking our fire for compelling creativity further, TSG has aligned with an Emmy nominated producer and team to go the next level in local and national brand projects using live action and Hollywood style creativity.

Technology and Media Prowess

The core of our agency merges the perfect balance between deep media and client relationships with in house proprietary tracking and reporting utilizing our system called TrafTrack®. This system brings us unlimited reporting technologies such as time stamp of inquiry, city, zip, state, call ID, call recording to start.  We couple media savvy and technology prowess with experienced production know-how. Our approach is analytical, creative and high level.

More Information:

Check us out on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram or go to as well as for more details on this uniquely capable Multi-Media brand and agency.

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