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August 18, 2020

More and more law firms are discovering the benefits of partnering with a 24/7 legal intake service. Instead of wasting revenue-generating hours performing intake and vetting leads, lawyers can outsource those tasks to highly-trained and specialized experts. Best-in-class legal call centers can handle all of the duties of an in-house receptionist and much more.

Call Services – If a law firm simply needs assistance with existing clients, court and judge, or any other non-new case calls, Alert can help. Law firms can personalize Alert’s virtual receptionist services by setting up a variety of call protocols. This provides personalized attention to all calls, including coverage beyond normal business hours with bilingual support.

Intake Services – A flawless intake process is one of the essential foundations for building an effective legal practice. Alert’s intake specialists work around the clock to cover new client screening needs. They ask the right questions based on the law firm’s preferences and determine if a caller is qualified for the law firm’s services, or if they should be referred elsewhere. Passing information to the firm is easy since Alert has programmers ready to customize each account and push each intake directly into the law firm’s CRM or case management software.

Retainer Services – At Alert, experienced intake specialists can take law firm leads from initial contact to an e-signed contract without breaking communications. Alert sends HIPAA or HITECH forms to qualified leads conveniently by text and email for e-sign or traditional mail for a wet signature. Chasing leads for law firms is also an option by retrieving unsigned contracts using multiple attempt follow up using calls, texts and emails to increase conversions.

Mass Tort and Class Action Services – Alert knows every lead and client is critical. Their intake specialists help stop the client shopping process for firms and have the answers and solutions to any issues. Alert responds to and captures all mass tort and class action leads efficiently by using proprietary software, systems and solutions.

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