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FinOp Group

September 28, 2020

FinOp Group was specifically designed with the legal professional in mind. Our goal every day is to make your life at work just a bit easier. We offer three main services to our law firm clients;

- Law Firm Accounting Specialists – We are a team of CPAs with high-level financial experience within the legal industry. We provide full service accounting, as well as, higher-level consulting type services. We can handle all of your bookkeeping, accounting and other operational needs.

- Fully Customized Dashboards – We can create for you any number of fully customized dashboards. First and foremost, this tool helps you run your business more effectively and efficiently. Allowing you to better manage and oversee all aspects of your firm both financially and operationally. Or it can be used as more of a reporting tool and take the pain out of pulling together all of your financial and operational reports each month and let us design for you a dashboard that is real-time and intuitive. No longer will you have to spend time on all those reports, as you’ll now have a dashboard that updates and tracks it all for you…automatically.

- Medical Records Retrieval – Using our easy to use website, you can initiate a medical records request and then just sit back and wait for us to deliver it to you fully sorted. We have a very fast turnaround time, great customer service, and it’s only $35 per request.

We’ve been honored to work with some of the country’s most ambitions legal service providers. We have changed lives and businesses and we want to do the same for you.

Don’t just take my word for it, hear what Marc Harden, Partner of Zaner Harden Law, a current client, has to say;

“FinOp Group is critical to our firm’s success. From sophisticated forecasting, to consulting, to client management, to bookkeeping, FinOp keeps our firm on track for a successful year, year after year. With FinOp, I always know where our firm is heading and I can stick to what I enjoy and am good at, practicing law.” -M. Harden - Existing client.

The time is now to free yourself from the burden of managing your firm’s finances.

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