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The American Law Firm Capital

September 29, 2020

The American Law Firm Capital (“ALF”) staff have been providing money to the legal industry for over twenty years. Our core team of lawyers and executives have over fifty years of experience, served thousands of law firms and hundreds of mass tort lawyers helping them acquire capital to manage growth and cash flow.

Additional Reasons to Choose ALF

  • Access to Billions of Dollars
  • Funding Range of $500k to $50MM or more
  • Multiple Funds to Match Firm Attributes & Needs
  • Seasoned Staff Lawyers & Executives Underwriting
  • Business Tools & Collaborative Approach to help Law Firms Scale
  • Founding Member of MTVA to bring transparency and a Code of Ethics to mass tort vendors serving the Trial Lawyers

Funding *Models

  • Non-Recourse & Recourse Terms Available
  • Monthly Interest Payments Often Deferred
  • Funding Amount Based on Firm’s Future Fees
  • Customized Loan Repayment on Future Fees Collected
  • Competitive Rates

*Loan Terms & Conditions Vary by Firm Attributes, Needs and Problems to Solve

You may reach us at 1-928-CAPITAL or The American Law Firm Capital team would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Jeff Huff President
Founder Developed the underwriting methodology and leads a team of lawyers and executives in AZ, CA & NY

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