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The Search Engine Guys

June 29, 2020

The Search Engine Guys’ full-service approach to digital marketing is representative of our 12+ years of experience and success in the legal field. Our strong understanding of the legal world stems from our company’s co-founders, and our team of search marketing professionals continue to keep us at the forefront of the industry. We understand just how volatile an online marketing campaign can be and we take every measure to enhance our clients’ online presence as well as analyze and effectively react to new trends and discoveries in the digital advertising world.

At TSEG, we create and manage mass tort ad campaigns on a full suite of platforms including Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, and Hulu (plus many more). Your current marketing budget is probably already invested into some of these ad platforms. So how do you know whether you’re doing it in the most efficient manner? The answer is data. Casting a wide digital net to start off a major campaign gives us the opportunity to collect data on the ads we run. Running split tests with different creatives, ad copy, and media types returns information about the audience that the ad was served to that can help refine the ad’s set-up and consequently, its future performance.

Going after mass tort cases has never been easier. Our mass tort campaigns are designed to capture attention online and convert it into a case. We qualify the leads for you, and even get the retainer signed at a fraction of our competitors’ prices. Running a multi-platform campaign on the top digital ad networks can increase your case volume with the smallest cost-per-acquisition numbers you can achieve online. Whether you’re trying to maximize your cases with a definitive budget, or if you’re pursuing a mass tort with massive return and a limitless budget: multiplatform is the way to go. To get the most leads signed up in a cost-effective manner it is EXTREMELY important to be one of the fastest to market.

We invite you to contact TSEG today to talk about your law firm’s objectives and how to best leverage mass tort advertising. Take a look at some of the work we have done with mass torts on our website at

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