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At MTVA we strive to set vendor standards for “Best Practices” within the mass tort legal community by having the industry’s leading and most knowledgeable vendors in Case Acquisition, Case Preparation, Client Logistics, Law Firm Capacity, and Settlement Services available for our trial lawyers.

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Case Acquisiton
(Law Firm Marketing and Lead Generation)
Case Preparation
(Trial Support, Case Work Up and Information, Record Retrieval)
Client Logistics
(Intake, Evaluation, Information Management)
Law Firm Capacity 
(Financing and Consulting)
Settlement Services
(Settlement and Disbursement Processes)

Enhanced Requirements and Standards

  • The member company shall not make false or unreasonable claims, promises or guarantees.
  • The member company's rates and terms are to be clearly identified, accurate, and not misleading.
  • The member company shall not sell or guarantee retainers, dockets, cases, or clients and must keep clear of non-lawyer fee splitting rules.
  • The member company shall take reasonable efforts to comply with ABA advertising guidelines.
  • The member company shall conduct due diligence on all media and lead sources.
  • The member company shall make reasonable efforts to comply with the TCPA.

Enhanced Requirements and Standards

  • The member company shall not knowingly make false or unreasonable claims, promises, or guarantees to fund prospective law firm (borrower).
  • The member company's fees, terms and services are to be clearly identified and memorialized in some type of formal, signed agreement between the parties.
  • The member shall either (a) execute an NDA with borrower, or (b) have client confidentiality requirements vis a vis a written procedure or via regulatory requirements.
  • Upon initial approval to engage, the member shall memorialize an “offer” to borrower in a non-binding term sheet that outlines the basic terms, conditions, rates, and fees.
  • The member shall protect all data received by the borrower on a HIPPA compliant and cyber security protected platform.
  • The member company shall follow an established Underwriting Methodology Policy in an effort to fund borrower.
  • The member company shall be in compliance with FINRA and any other lending regulatory criteria applicable to member.
  • The member shall have sufficient access to capital to satisfy any and all "offers" it makes to prospective borrowers.

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