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BSA Attorneys: Your QSF Admin Choice Is Impactful

May 15, 2023

Following the monumental settlement in the Boy Scouts of America sexual abuse litigation, the plaintiffs’ attorneys have another critical decision to make. The qualified settlement fund administrator a law firm chooses can greatly impact their clients’ experience post settlement, which is another important step in their legal journey. Attorneys can continue to do right by their clients by making an informed choice. 

Distribution of settlement funds may seem like a cut-and-dry process with little bearing on the client. However, the post-settlement phase offers an opportunity for important touchpoints that matter to the individual survivor’s future. Here’s how. 

Payment Disbursement 

The survivors in the BSA litigation have already taken unimaginably difficult steps to come forward and stand up to the organization. The lengthy litigation process was likely stressful as well. Disbursement should be efficient, secure, and confidential. 

It’s the reason many attorneys have switched to Pathway for distribution. Pathway is a digital platform that empowers claimants to sign their settlement closing statement, decide if they want to plan financially for settlement, and choose a method to receive their settlement funds – all in a few easy clicks. Pathway is confidential and secure, and it removes many questions clients may have about timing and receiving their funds. This level of control can eliminate a huge burden for survivors. 

Trauma-informed Settlement Planning 

Many BSA survivors could use specialized financial planning around their settlement. Those with means-tested government benefits may lose eligibility after receiving their funds. Some may benefit from having a payment schedule created to plan around their unique goals and life’s milestones. There are a variety of strategies available to survivor clients, and they deserve adequate time and the right environment to explore them. 

But speaking with yet another professional team about yet another part of litigation can be overwhelming. A trauma-informed settlement planner respects the context of a plaintiff’s situation and uses educated, proactive responses when discussing sensitive topics.  

Milestone is a leading qualified settlement fund administrator, and the only one that specializes in settlement planning for survivors. Employees are continuously trained in trauma-informed care with Dr. Laura McGuire, founder of The National Center for Equity and Agency. Milestone’s best practices in survivor care are reviewed by national advocate Bridie Farrell. Law firms that partner with Milestone know that their settlement distribution is handled efficiently, securely, and correctly and that their clients have the opportunity to receive a comprehensive and customized plan for their incoming settlement funds. Visit our website for more information on choosing Milestone as your BSA qualified settlement fund administrator

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