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Camp Lejeune: Unclog the Post-settlement Pipeline and Get Clients Paid Faster

February 28, 2024

With the complexities unique to Camp Lejeune claimants (think: private liens), the time is now to think about the most efficient means of settlement fund disbursement. The traditional ink signatures and paper checks via mail delay payment in hand, a reality that both frustrates your clients and eats into your bottom line. Each week without payment is another week of clients calling your office with worried inquiries and more of your valuable time spent in administrative limbo.

Instead, imagine a reality in which payments flow effortlessly, fueled by the efficiency of technology. Clients submit information and banking details securely online. A real-time attorney portal exists to allow you to track individual claims, flag potential issues, and monitor payouts, all with a clear line of sight. This isn’t some futuristic vision, it’s the power wielded by solutions like Milestone’s Pathway™, a legal tech platform designed to streamline the complexities of the mass tort post-settlement process.

Pathway is a one-stop shop that prioritizes post-settlement efficiency on all fronts, from its intuitive interface to its automated workflows. And Pathway was created by a veteran-founded company, meaning that veterans’ unique financial, administrative, and accessibility needs are built into its digital architecture.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology like Pathway, you can deliver tailored, efficient results for your clients; create client loyalty and stronger referrals; reclaim billable hours; and build a reputation for getting the job done fast. If you are interested in seeing what Pathway can do for your firm and the Camp Lejeune clients you serve, schedule a free demo today.

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