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MTVA Enhances the Case Preparation “Requirements and Standards”

August 30, 2023

As the Mass Torts Vendor Association continues its efforts in elevating the quality of client services, the MTVA has finalized enhanced "Requirements and Standards" for the Case Preparation category. This is the fifth and final set of enhanced criteria within the organization following Case Acquisition, Law Firm Capacity, Client logistics, and Settlement Services. After forming a committee and having several discussions, the following enhanced “Requirements and Standards” were finalized:

  1. The member company shall not make false or unreasonable claims, promises, or guarantees.
  2. The member company's rates and terms are to be clearly identified, accurate, and not misleading.
  3. The member company shall ensure that all data is kept secure and confidential, and that it would never share any private information (especially PHI) to any party or vendor, without the express, written permission of its clients.
  4. The member company shall always use ethical practices and put the law firm’s (clients) interest first, as any unethical practices directly affect the individual claimant.
  5. The member company shall clearly identify workforce used for provided services, whether US-based, off-shore groups, artificial intelligence, etc.
  6. In recognition of the Law Firm fiduciary requirement to the claimant, the member company shall clearly identify if outside fees, including custodial fees, are passed through or marked up for additional charge.”
  7. In recognition that discovery services/case preparation services may directly impact the individual claimant’s case, the member company’s Service Agreement shall include how non-payment issues are handled.

The MTVA has ultimately create enhanced “Requirements and Standards” for all membership categories. We strive to set vendor standards within the legal community based on ethical ideals and best practices that will elevate the industry and earn the trust of trial lawyers.

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