How will you present your case? Our team of litigation technology wizards helps attorneys prepare for and respond to litigation in a defensible and cost-efficient manner by providing collaborative trial support services. We focus on matching your message with a powerful visual presentation. Especially now, as in-person meetings may be challenging, you can advance your case with a digital demand package to reach decision-makers. A robust mix of expert reports, photographs and imaging, video content, and animated demonstratives will fully present the damages of your case.

Animations are often at the heart of a winning trial presentation, and we’ve included some examples of our work in the video below. Whether you are trying to explain the finer details of a complex product liability claim or a description of injuries from a surgical device malfunction, 3D animations can provide a previously unobtainable view. Contact Precise for help developing a cost-effective visual strategy that will add value to your case.

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