With more than 6,000 cases, a team of experts, and an industry-leading technology platform, Simpluris Inc. has built a first-rate reputation for handling legal administration.  Established in 2007, Simpluris serves a variety of industries including insurance, financial, securities, antitrust, employment and consumer.  Simpluris’ capabilities include a wide range of services such as case planning, database management, pre-certification mailings, case notification, case administration, disbursement and tax reporting. Whether it is a straightforward mailing or a multi-state distribution with several million members, cases are administered with efficiency and accuracy.

Simpluris is powered by a comprehensive technology platform built specifically to address the unique needs of legal administration, with room to scale. In our years of experience, we’ve managing complex data issues, security and privacy standards, and found countless ways to leverage our legal technology to improve accuracy and operational workflows.  Simpluris deliberately focused on building a single, central database, with a well-architected and comprehensive set of software, structures, routines, and automation tools that allow that optimize collaborative legal administration. While not an easy task, it has rewards in being able to deliver the highest possible levels of quality value to clients.


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