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Located in Blue Bell, PA, in “the round building” on DeKalb Pike, The TASA Group connects the legal and business worlds with the finest consulting or testifying experts available locally, nationally and globally.

“Service. Service. Service. We answer a need that attorneys have in preparing their case, whether it be plaintiff and/or defense, in a very ethical way,” said, Jay Rosen, one of the owners of The TASA Group.

Since our founding in 1956, we have earned a solid reputation as the most comprehensive, innovative and central resource for attorneys, insurance companies, businesses, and government organizations seeking assistance with litigation (plaintiff and/or defense), general consulting for business matters that require an industry expert, and alternative dispute resolution.

Our service begins with one of our operations staff members either in TASAmed, TASconsulting or TASA having a conversation, during which they carefully assess your requirements. It continues with our customized referrals of candidates, and follow-up to ensure that we have met all of your needs.

The TASA Group has an exceptional record of employee longevity: More than 35% have 5-15 years of service; 25% have 15-20 years; and 13% have more than twenty years. This outstanding record of experience, institutional memory, and accomplishment benefits clients and experts in every interaction. It translates to careful attention to detail, rapid response, and intelligent referrals.

As a result, we save you many hours of costly search time and the effort of locating essential expertise on your own.

Each year, The TASA Group fields thousands of requests for assistance.  No other firm in our industry offers and successfully refers as many experts in as many categories as we do.

“We’ve always adapted to the changing technology which required new and different kinds of expertise. I see that happening at a faster clip in present day and in the next five years,” commented, Jay Rosen.

In addition, we continue to expand our portfolio with services that include expert profiles, expert witness research products and a free, acclaimed webinar series offering CLE credit in some states. In addition, we continue to develop and foster relationships/partnerships with local and national organizations and businesses to offer more comprehensive, timesaving and cost-effective services to our clients.

The TASA Group
1166 DeKalb Pike
Blue Bell, PA 19422


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