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Focus Digital Media Group

November 17, 2020

Focus DMG is a marketing agency specializing in legal brand development and direct response messaging, and is proud to work with some of the largest and most respected law firms in the country. While we pride ourselves on building sustainable and profitable brands, we also understand the marketing world is constantly evolving and methodologies and strategies that were once considered the best practices are no longer effective or have a greatly reduced ROI. Since so many clients rely on our expertise and guidance, we are committed to being leaders in technology and revolutionizing how law firms connect with potential new clients.

Most lawyers target sectors and demos like most traditional agencies… Focus DMG utilizes a proprietary data-driven media buying platform to create specific audiences of people and target them device by device. We do this across all platforms and all mediums for many law firms throughout the country. Historic data is run through our analytical AI driven platform and a preliminary prospect profile is built based on key findings. The profile is broken down by core demographic information and a variety of behavioral and transactional activity that is only available through a strategic alliance with our unique data partners. We then utilize the cross sections of information and deeper data points to market specifically based on practice area or litigation type.

Our DDPs, or target acquisition points, are built using a proprietary 23-step data science routine that blends individually compiled data with extensive historic behavior and current transaction activity, using a deterministic matching process that is validated against the most accurate identity databases in the United States, resulting in a precise data set with scale. Identity management, recognition, and cross-channel/cross-device strategies are the key to managing the potential new client journey and attributing real connections with online and offline behavior. Identity matching and validation can enable businesses to personalize content and messaging, dynamically alter web content and drive in app marketing as part of managing the client experience. Our Deep Data Points, and linked National Consumer Databases, provide a turnkey data solution for identifying and contextually interacting with every single inclined consumer.

If you’d like to experience the future of marketing and see how leveraging big data can increase your caseload and grow your practice, we are accepting clients in certain DMAs. To find out if your area is available email: or text 202-714-3773.

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